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Green Wave. After winter comes spring, retreat off the cold wind. There will come a clear sunny days and will run and ring out the streams. Spring nightingale sings. Dripping, droplets, spring has come. And in the heart of the ice, and the pain will recede forever smile. Forget you sadness, with melt water will disappear, let your prints. Tune in for the spring wave. Wake up from sleep, and let all that long tormented chest. The gardens are chirping nightingales, the messengers of my spring. Tune in green waves, the heart does not hurt in Thai. Light kindness, love in vain. Give in to the music of the spring, do not worry you pore spring. The gardens are chirping nightingales, the messengers of my love. Author: Zhakupova Khadisha
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winter retreat cold wind clear sunny days run ring streams nightingale sings dripping droplets ice pain recede smile forget sadness melt water disappear prints wave wake sleep long tormented chest tune green waves heart hurt thai light kindness vain give music worry pore spring gardens chirping nightingales messengers love author zhakupova khadisha

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