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Happiness is just an illusion that we choose after facing reality and life so many times, we get so weak that choosing to be happy, that illusion, is the only solution, life is too short for searching for something that is bigger than us. And happiness is the only thing you gain from this world , I mean I would choose that, so don't waste your time by tearing your heart and soul for some people who don't deserve you, and you're way above them and you look down at them and just forgive them, I mean we're dead anyways, I think we should make a beautiful memories at anytime we can, to live every moment like its the last, and live your life like you're gonna die tomorrow, to be happy like it's the last time and always know that god is always there for you just obay him and everything is going to be okay , and creat that happy imaginary world and stick with it cz that what's going to keep you alive that world is going to save your life, at least i wanna die happy, we humans always need some
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facing reality times weak choosing illusion solution short searching bigger happiness gain choose waste tearing heart soul people deserve forgive dead beautiful memories anytime moment live gonna tomorrow time god obay creat imaginary stick alive world save life wanna die happy humans

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