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Happiness. Wind, wind, wind my dear friend. In my house, Vagrants, happiness awaken. Long wait for him, happy I own. Lost, not in a hurry, on the path can be seen asleep. The bell will ring, happiness bird fly. Fulfilled my dreams of happiness in my house hurry. Wind, wind, wind let love, my house will come. You scatter Taxco, acceleration over the house of darkness. The sun will light box, all the friends I'll call. Happiness joy in the forest house. And the sky will light a new star, this is my happiness. Soul lit, the wound has healed, the heart quickened, my hearth lit. Author: Zhakupova Khadisha
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dear friend vagrants awaken long wait happy lost path asleep bell ring bird fly fulfilled dreams hurry wind love scatter taxco acceleration darkness sun box friends call joy forest house sky light star happiness soul wound healed heart quickened hearth lit author zhakupova khadisha

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