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Happy International Women's Day...It is days like this one where women need to remind themselves of their place;role; power; responsibilities; and their worth. When they say equality for men and women it is not about being in competition with each other, but simply means you both have equal opportunities to express fully who you are (human nature) in any way that will best suits you but still respect others; Equal opportunity to use your talent and explore it without undermining others talents. Equality doesn't say "be a man and forget your place". You are created woman and you will live as a woman and die as a woman. Embrace being a woman.Enjoy being a woman. Love being a woman. Accept being a woman and respect your womanhood.
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happy international day days remind role power responsibilities worth men women competition simply means opportunities express fully human nature suits equal opportunity talent explore undermining talents equality man forget place created live die embrace enjoy love accept woman respect womanhood

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