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He believed the rumor he didn't even tell you the truth of why he broke up with you he used his mom as an excuse he lied he told you if you could still be friends but since that day he never texted you. since that day you have been the first one to text and when you found out the real reason of why he broke up with you. you text mean stuff you give him one last chance and if he doesn't answer then you let him go. you still love him but don't show it you fake your happiness till the day you find someone else better and when he sees you smile at that guy he will realize the mistake he did of leaving you for a believing a stupid rumor.
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believed truth mom excuse lied told friends texted real reason broke text stuff give chance answer love show fake happiness day find sees smile guy realize mistake leaving believing stupid rumor

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Vanillaice on May 12, 2016, 11:49 am
this happen to me so if this happen to you just keep waiting for the right guy

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