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Hey! ruse not my moon for your own heart's desire, robbed joy is to red crown of cock when destroyed, Poisoned by flies while hating my soul, woe! love, turned purity to porous flower, dwell maggot beloved. Unchaste distress nor in shame eyes but forever memories, stick with soul one rotten beneath to opened wound or to peckedfruits shun for impure, left disfavour tastes, while boasting to others, how my plate was served, licked. Nither would I be window of whore to drenched desires nor would I fall entice, when you slither to snake when sight egg, rat, birds, hit and suffocate prey and enjoys. One caged in worldly desire is tame by entices till ruin. For this desire to be drenched, engaged me, So I know how you love me to snail's shell, devotee.
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hey ruse moon heart robbed joy red crown cock destroyed poisoned flies hating woe turned purity porous flower dwell maggot beloved unchaste distress shame eyes memories stick soul rotten beneath opened wound peckedfruits shun impure left disfavour tastes boasting plate served licked nither window whore desires fall entice slither snake sight egg rat birds hit suffocate prey enjoys caged worldly tame entices ruin desire drenched engaged love snail shell devotee

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