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How pure underparts of two believer when sun gleam? By dawn all pleasure pure to diamond when espoused, Man gaits to colt when bridled to emperor's choice for pilgrim, Counterpart compares her home to moon's eyes among engaged. By noon most lovers oaring boat in mirage without deen, Worldly root eroded by death sans paradise, immortal column wow, Sometimes their deed to maggots in a flower remain, that twisted in desire while scarlet to be crushbrown somehow. when Oh! seeker, to know rooted love of espoused is when gravity shroud them to bare bud but still cactus love in nature that drenched in heart, or love adhered to stem stalks that bear with pair in seeking to enlivened by raylove. Exact counterpart endure with windwhistle in life, So drenched pair in deen to attained immortal time.
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underparts believer sun gleam dawn pleasure pure diamond man gaits colt bridled emperor choice pilgrim compares home moon eyes engaged noon lovers oaring boat mirage worldly root eroded death sans paradise column wow deed maggots flower remain twisted desire scarlet crushbrown seeker rooted espoused gravity shroud bare bud cactus nature heart love adhered stem stalks bear seeking enlivened raylove exact counterpart endure windwhistle life drenched pair deen attained immortal time

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