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How shabby a man's heart when beloved regard not? Deary, dour heart to baby's ugly cornflakes wasted or venomed rat that is afoot to bit his crumb want now wrenches,squeaks for cure, beloved, mild magnet forbid me coal not interested to my written, To a squeezed lemon in tears love impaired when replied me, Saying not to hurt me, cloudy her field without reason, Nebulous I waited for bud to shoot and rooted, months be, How luckily if heart grow to bonsai tree verily, that when redcomb bird crow, I wet and tamed, For her branch trimmed, dressed all dawn, my joy, And gazing upon forever if Allah's will, He attached, Possibly you care for love to a gardener who uproot weed or a mother who sleep not, dandle with lamp towards old.
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shabby man regard deary dour baby ugly cornflakes wasted venomed rat afoot bit crumb wrenches squeaks cure beloved mild magnet forbid coal interested written squeezed lemon tears impaired replied hurt cloudy field reason nebulous waited bud shoot rooted months luckily heart grow bonsai tree verily redcomb bird crow wet tamed branch trimmed dressed dawn joy gazing allah attached possibly care love gardener uproot weed mother sleep dandle lamp

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