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HOW TO RECOVER - FROM OUR SYSTEMS, AND OURSELVES? The trouble with systems is they label: criminal, mental case, victim. The system punishes criminals, without showing them how to stop. It ignores victims, and mental cases, without showing them how to stop. Now you're at risk of becoming, or staying, criminals, victims, and mental cases. All three groups are mostly abuse and trauma survivors, who don't know it, and don't remember. If you get depressed and want to die, the system locks you up in a mental ward, like a criminal. Otherwise, you can give yourself something, like amnesia, or resort to addictions and distractions. This keeps you sick, and can make you into a criminal. If you get angry and act out the abuse, the system sends you to jail or prison. The trouble with prison is they treat you like a criminal. Let's see. That's victimizing. So, HOW CAN YOU ACTUALLY RECOVER? First, get yourself out of the systems. Then, learn how to connect -again, by caring. Do this for others, and
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label case victim punishes ignores showing stop risk staying criminals victims cases groups trauma survivors remember depressed die locks mental ward give amnesia resort addictions distractions sick angry act abuse system sends jail trouble prison treat criminal victimizing recover systems learn connect caring

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Kruthika on May 19, 2016, 11:41 pm
Hello ma'am ! What do you actually mean by systems? Since your a doctor are you talking about our body systems?
Kruthika on May 19, 2016, 11:47 pm
I actually have a problem. If you don't mind can I share it with you? Please?

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