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How will you beautify the truth without act of deen? For you're far too red to tomatoes in look when advise, For cotton never grows in amorous fire of sin, If the heart is a snow then your erosion love is sunrise, Commonly the moon lean but nothing red in gleams, Of certain attributes is far away from you, dirtiness know, Musk gives delight to heart around in smells, than choking air through your home sometimes, I spit or blow, But look my love, not that you are stale forever! Still your love soar when your home set For yesterday can be forgive by Allah's will, however, And children not to brawl when other eyes report, I think to be patience with my love, and wet your sprout, For prayer change way of things by Allah's will, put out.
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beautify truth act deen tomatoes advise cotton grows amorous fire sin snow erosion sunrise commonly moon lean red gleams attributes dirtiness musk delight heart smells choking air spit blow stale soar home set yesterday forgive children brawl eyes report patience love wet sprout prayer change allah

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