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However, when it comes to many of these enlightened or so-called enlightened teachers, I don't totally agree with their philosophies when it comes to the individual state of affairs. We all are where we wanted or chose to be according to fate, but I do not believe you are where you are totally due to your choice as the present experiencer [man] of fate, as the ignorant yet knowledgeable man. I believe you are supposed to be where you are to learn things about life and to relate to yourself or your own life as well as the lives of others. Others are to learn from you and of you in some way for their own growth or experience! I don't believe totally or in every degree this whole guilt conscious thing! That people are where they are even when they desire to get out of their situation. You're where you are to learn and grow and relate. My life is perfect and I will get into better or more favorable conditions for my life and growth as a spiritual person. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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called enlightened teachers agree philosophies individual state affairs wanted chose due choice present experiencer fate ignorant knowledgeable man supposed lives experience totally degree guilt conscious people desire situation learn grow relate perfect favorable conditions life growth spiritual person joshua aaron guillory

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