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Humanity and humanity will turn into a beautiful legend and myth. And the smoke of cars and industrial plants, the number of which is gradually increasing, in the boundless corks of selfishness, your children and the children of your friends will breathe, and your descendants. And neither a leaf, nor a flower, your land, killed by you, will grow up, will be empty inside and out. And there will only be one species of animals on earth: a mutated man. All animals, plants, insects, will remain with us only in textbooks whose history no one will competently study. And you can not drink water, your family can not breathe with air. The sky will disappear, people will disappear, all living beings, just like you. Because in the men's room you turned a paradise called nature. You do not realize that stupidity is a legacy that was passed from the oldest monkeys to the modern skeleton. Eat away from the survivors of vices, instincts and inner flaws, will be brutally killed by selfishness and indif
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humanity turn beautiful legend myth smoke cars industrial number gradually increasing boundless corks children friends descendants leaf flower land grow empty species earth mutated man animals plants insects remain textbooks history competently study drink water family breathe air sky people disappear living beings men room turned paradise called nature realize stupidity legacy passed oldest monkeys modern skeleton eat survivors vices instincts flaws brutally killed selfishness indif

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