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Hurricane. Man is powerless before the elements. It forms a vortex, cold and warm fronts. This all natural phenomena, there is not any mysteries. It is impossible, with nature joke. It is cruel revenge. After all, we are one, the sky and the earth. Our ashes mixed with earth. The soul will soar above the clouds, and there will find peace there. Hurricane, caught me in a way. It was in the summer heat. A bit gloomy sky was reluctant and mottle rain, nastukival he shot, his lazy and words flashed it all. As if the idea of ​​reading, participation rain his breath. He called not for the help of the wind brother, sister snowstorm. They echoed the thunder, and lightning flashed like fire. On the part of the sky was torn. All spinning, rumbled and flashed me. I could not breathe, the wind knocked me back. He chased me like an autumn leaf. And burst into the sky, all sawn, covered in a moment. And the rain poured down as he walked out of a bucket, a solid wall. Element raging over me, and my l
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man powerless elements forms vortex cold warm fronts natural phenomena mysteries impossible nature joke cruel revenge ashes mixed earth soul soar clouds find peace hurricane caught summer heat bit gloomy reluctant mottle nastukival shot lazy words idea reading participation breath called brother sister snowstorm echoed thunder lightning fire part torn spinning rumbled flashed breathe wind knocked chased autumn leaf burst sky sawn covered moment rain poured walked bucket solid wall element raging

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