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I adore, look at this temple of my love, dedicated to you, to the great altar, look around you everywhere, sit on the throne of love, my great and beautiful goddess. Your every kiss is indescribable and priceless, it is vital needs. Each your opinion, fantastically romantic and touching beautiful. He kindles the fire of love and passion in men. Your charm - is a powerful force that attracts everything. Awakens the real, sincere love to you, universal scale. This throne of eternal praise and worship only the one for you, and the chorus singing about your beauty just for you. As you perfect every millimeter of your perfect, sultry-hot-sexy body. My world is unique in your beautiful eyes, in your feelings and emotions, and never tire of talking about your perfect proportions. Only your affection give such feelings as love and happiness. It is striking, powerful, attractive appearance. Great grace your body is unparalleled. Higher scores worthy of praise, and only your divinely beautiful b
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adore temple dedicated altar sit goddess kiss indescribable priceless vital opinion fantastically romantic touching kindles fire passion men charm force attracts awakens real sincere universal scale throne eternal worship chorus singing beauty millimeter sultry hot sexy world unique eyes emotions tire talking perfect proportions affection give feelings love happiness striking powerful attractive appearance great grace body unparalleled higher scores worthy praise divinely beautiful

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