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I am a bad man, I am a bad person, my whole life my mother asked that I never become like my father, nonetheless I failed her, I failed everyone in the worst way, for no matter how I've tried I've become all that I've strived not to be, I am my father, I've become my father and so much more, I will no longer bother with trying to beat it, for fighting it is like fighting quicksand, the more I struggle the deeper I am swallowed by the shadow of him, I will no longer try to love or live life, because I know I am my father, I have become what i hate most through some sick twist of fate, a card i've been dealt of which i cannot discard, like a sickness tied to my very soul, I am toxic poisoning everything in my path, like King Midas if his touch had been like the fangs of a viper rather than that of the golden touch. I now truly believe that the proverbial Apple does not fall far from the tree, almost all men are destined to grow into there father's shadows and sometimes even grow darker t
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man bad person mother asked failed worst matter strived bother beat fighting quicksand struggle deeper swallowed shadow longer love live life hate sick twist fate card dealt discard sickness tied soul toxic poisoning path king midas fangs viper golden touch proverbial apple fall tree men destined father shadows grow darker

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