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I am cold, I am sad, I am all Alone. I have taken the wrong turn, and I can not go back. I have broken my door, and I can not go in. I have seen the sun go down, and I can not feel the warmth no more. I have watched the clouds appear, covering up the stars, and I can not dream any more. Of all this time, I have been flying against the wind, but my wings have cracked, and now I can not fly no more, for I have lost my faith. And now I am now running away against the sorrows, but I have tripped in darkness, and I can not run any more, for I have thrown away my hope. So I prayed, and prayed, for the love that I once had, and began to see a shining light. A light so bright, that there was no hint of darkness around. The light was colored, as beautiful as beauty can be. The light was warm, warmer than a bed, that is made from Jesus’s clothes, that he has worn, and has given it to me; that it had opened my heart, for I could feel the faith that I once have lost. I would have wished for the li
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cold sad wrong turn broken door sun warmth watched clouds covering stars dream time flying wind wings cracked fly running sorrows tripped run thrown hope prayed love began shining bright hint darkness colored beautiful beauty light warm warmer bed jesus clothes worn opened heart feel faith lost wished

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Clark on January 11, 2016, 11:56 am
There is more than that.

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