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I appreciate the man who created and carved the symbol of LOVE as a HEART,because I discovered that it has a hidden symbolic imaginary meaning behind his imagination and creativity.
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Kruthika on June 29, 2016, 1:49 am
MY DISCOVERY ON THE SYMBOL OF LOVE: PROOF ACCORDING TO ME: 1)SEX ORGANS of humans like vulva and penis and 2)SEX ORGANS of plants like pistil and stamen resemble the shape of heart in depth. I also say that there is a hidden shape in every shape of sex organs of the beings. OTHER POINTS OF DISCOVERY: 1) color RED is considered as the universal love color because: ->BLOOD has a red color which makes us live, ->BLUSH has a red color when you love, ->JESUS CROSS has a red color, ->MY GODDESS has a red sari :D 2)GOD and SEX has 3 words- The number 3 somewhat resembles and makes the shape of the heart. 3)LOVE=4 words because of 4 chambers in the heart. 4)LIVING BEINGS make love to create another living being which is why SEX is called MAKING LOVE. CONCLUSION: 1) I+YOU=LOVE=MIND=SOUL of MINE=IDEA of YOURS which made me find the meaning of symbol of love. 2)I accept that IMAGINATION is the key to KNOWLEDGE.

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