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I believe that as the human race goes, certain ideas and beliefs are altered. The idea of God being one of them. Throughout much of a history God is referred to as a presence, however nowhere does it state that God is singular, when actuality God is everything. No, not the God that is mentioned in the bible, or etc. God is just a word for the process of everything. The universe, the dimensions, the cosmos, the quantum world. It is the set of patterns and processes that govern how everything works. We are God, God is us. God is not some divine person who is awaiting in some kingdom far, far away. Rather, God is all that exists. Throughout history, this idea has confused God as being an actual person. It's not anything, but everything. I know to a very adamant atheist, it sounds like this is an argument of religion, but I assure it's not. Therefore the existence of what is culturally defined as "God" is just not true. There is no giant in the sky listening to prayers, or watching over yo
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