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I believe that people in this world want to become intellectuals and very smart. However, because of this, we as people are missing out on who we really are. We are primates. We are people built to survive. In Rome, there were gladiator fighters. In a sense you could say that we became very smart in a good way. However we spoiled ourselves. If you look down at your hands, you will notice that you have fists, what do you think these fists are for? Now do you understand who we are as human beings? We are primitive beings who constantly change. Many people feel different because they believe they have nothing to live for. In a way, society has made us 'soft' but intelligent and protected. However, deep inside we all have that craving to become wild and be wild, why? Because we are primitive. All this technology has made us smart, but at what expense? At the expense of depriving us of how we live. Society has changed us, molding us to their standards when in fact we deserve to be in the ju
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world intellectuals missing primates built survive rome gladiator fighters sense good spoiled hands notice fists understand human beings constantly change people feel soft intelligent protected deep craving wild primitive technology smart expense depriving live society changed molding standards fact deserve

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