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"I came into this world 'A baby who can not distinguish good and bad or danger' But God has granted me Religion which enlights my heart to lead my life inrespect to the prophetic teachings. I grew-up and acquire knowledge But God warns me not to use that knowledge to harm people or create problems among livings. I struggled to find wealth But God prohibited on me to spend that wealth in a wrong way. I realize that God has given me health to walk everywhere on earth But God says 'No, don't make that health to be useless in your life'; you must to service God with your health, wealth and knowledge so that you can be safe from the punishment of the Hereafter. All thanks and praise is to Allah;'the Giver of life' And 'the Source of all goodness." [Arasci Belel]
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world baby distinguish good bad danger granted religion enlights heart lead inrespect prophetic teachings grew acquire warns harm people create problems livings struggled find prohibited spend wrong realize walk earth useless service god health wealth knowledge safe punishment praise allah giver life source goodness arasci belel

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