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I cant say anything else much, but that I thank you God for leading people where you do, even if its sometimes something they don't really want to do, or where they want to go. If I'm honest, I've struggled being in the Portland area. I miss Iowa, I miss my church community n friends and some of my greatest of friends from the Decorah/Waukon area. I miss the seemingly "simplicity" of life found in the Midwest. Scenic river gorges, gracious water falls, scenic city landscapes that blend and intertwine with the foot hills of the Cascades, although beautiful and captivating, do not replace friendships and relationships built over precious amounts of time n coffee. I have to remind myself that God is "bigger" than all of this, bigger than all of my problems, bigger than all my concerns and issues, bigger than the most largest foothills and mountains I cannot fathom of ever climbing (or biking) over... However; God brought my wife and I together as one, God brought our daughter thru scary t
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