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I do not believe in a Creator or an Omnipotent God. I do not believe that there ever was such a thing as miracles or someone who rose from the dead. I do believe is that there was once a person who made a deep impression on people. Someone who taught them the impossible and broadened their horizons. So devoted was he to his teachings, that people thought he was divine, a messenger from God. I do believe in the words of the bible. But not the way it is interpreted by most. I believe the bible to be a manual, one in which ways to become a better human being is described. The Divine of which the Bible speaks, in my eyes, is the capacity of every human to become better than he was before. To seek something more than he sought yesterday. And in doing so, become something more than he used to be. That is what religion, to me, is all about.
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creator omnipotent miracles rose dead person deep impression taught impossible broadened horizons devoted teachings people thought messenger god words interpreted manual ways divine bible speaks eyes capacity human seek sought yesterday religion

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