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I do not sprout my love as if you are a date or melon, or the dart of columbines that set off the ignite, I love you as a sure dark particles are to be adhered, Being the body and soul that we are pair for reason. Am adhere to you as a part that never springs yet imparts in its depth the root of all flowers, Alihamdulilahi for your love a sure universal light, created from soil, by will of God our colour. Am adhere to you without questioning God why, who, where, how. I love you honest, without colour or pride but by the piety of belief, Am adhere to you as long as no other soul as our pair, The soul of our love is that root of earth in pair. Let earth be the root of our own soul, Which mould us being to be love to one.
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sprout date melon dart columbines set ignite dark particles adhered body reason part springs imparts depth flowers alihamdulilahi universal light created soil questioning god honest colour pride piety belief adhere long pair earth root soul mould love

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