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I don't think people realize the things they spout until after I've quoted! Many people think only in terms of choice and not fate; of the individual and not the collective society of individuals; of current earthly experience and not death or what comes after this life experience [and I don't mean according to the horrific fables produced by religion or tradition]; and likewise they don't think in terms of the advancement of human progression; how everything is necessary for earthly paradise or world peace. What comes after this life is heaven. Peace is the destination of the world as well as the souls currently living in this world which will pass to another. Immortality of flesh can be attained and so can that of the spirit, which is already attained by predetermination of divine will. And the power to go back and forth in both worlds from both worlds. Everything is possible, and everything is relative. You are where you're supposed to be and where you will be.-Joshua Aaron Guillory
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realize spout quoted people choice fate individual collective society individuals current death experience horrific fables produced religion tradition terms advancement human progression earthly paradise life heaven peace destination souls living world pass immortality flesh spirit attained predetermination divine power worlds relative supposed joshua aaron guillory

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