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I drown on the tears... ...from the suppression of minds confused and lost. to the suffering of innocence at whatever the cost... I drown on the tears... ...from the delusion of tolerance, and apathy to feel, to the self-proclaimed victim, unable to deal... I drown on the tears...... ...from the fear of change, and unwillingness to adapt, to the reliance on judgment, where prejudices are kept... I drown on the tears... ...from the desire to control, and reluctance to let go, to the inability to detach, and failure to grow... I drown on the tears... ...from the manipulation of love, and lack of compassion, to the arrogance to know, and fear to take action... From the truth of a fool, and promise of a lie, I drown on these tears, until the day that I die...
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suppression minds confused lost suffering innocence cost delusion tolerance apathy feel proclaimed victim unable deal change unwillingness adapt reliance judgment prejudices desire control reluctance inability detach failure grow manipulation love lack compassion arrogance fear action truth fool promise lie drown tears day die

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