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I feel like I'm the only girl who doesn't want a guy who wouldnt want a super sweet guy who does anything for me, smothers me with affection, takes me out to romantic dinners all the time, & changes for me, who spends every second, of every minute, of every day, of every hour, with me. I just wouldn't. Id rather have a guy who is sweet but doesn't let me walk all over him, who gives me enough affection to show me that he does care for me, but not too much to where i feel smothered. Just chill inside some nights and maybe order Chinese or watch movies and just eat popcorn and junk food. Whose himself, who likes to spend time with me but doesn't stop spending time with his "boys," so i can also spend time with my girls. Id want enough trust where we can do those things without worrying about one of us cheating because were just THAT couple, that couple that everyone knows about, but no one fucks with because were THAT couple that everyone knows, you fuck with my girl, or my boy, you're g
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wouldnt super smothers takes romantic dinners spends minute day hour guy sweet walk affection show care feel smothered chill nights order chinese watch movies eat popcorn junk food likes stop spending boys spend time girls trust worrying cheating fucks couple fuck girl boy

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