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I feel really 'proud' when my god speaks to me in return,telling me the truth that the MAIN MASTERMINDED CRIMINAL was not only my evil girl,but actually that CUNNING JACKAL who knew it long back that I never liked HIM,but actually PLANNED to TORTURE ME in all the possible ways,knowing that I belong to 'you',to make me his.He looks like he is a dull-headed boy,but he is very ENVIOUS,GREEDY and all the BAD words in this whole world.He can't even be compared to an animal,because even it has a heart.But he does not :( I thank God for hinting this,otherwise my whole life would have been more than a tragedy :(
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feel proud speaks return telling truth main masterminded criminal evil girl cunning jackal knew long planned torture ways knowing belong dull headed boy envious greedy bad words world compared animal heart god hinting life tragedy

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