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I feel tame as cub nor to be cage in wrong love, Tell me not, you're flower in other's garden douse? Man knows, no moon in a noonday if am right, not to hurt you say while I seek, thinking you're alone. Active not you're to womb workers in anthill, Sometimes I think you're serious as a learner, Encapsulate is your heart to a cocoon, my evefall, When you reject, me think, you're shroud to other seeker. Also seal me not your heart and be not foggy moon to sight, So that am not a frail believer adhere to chameleon's dream, which determined by its attached in every figures, feet, For you're hands to my beat, my heart pendulum. Attached me faith in Allah that firmed from devil's rhythm, Raised my mind so stable in this earnest from being victim.
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feel tame cub cage wrong love flower garden douse man noonday hurt seek thinking active womb workers anthill learner encapsulate cocoon evefall reject shroud seeker seal foggy moon sight frail believer adhere chameleon dream determined figures feet hands beat heart pendulum attached faith allah firmed devil rhythm raised mind stable earnest victim

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