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"I feel that my unborn siblings from my mom's miscarriages are playing an important and significant part in my life. This is so because I have learned from the book 'Heaven is for Real' that all unborn babies go to Heaven. Not only do they go to Heaven, they are also transformed info fully grown, fully developed and normal functioning human beings! Since learning of this fact, my mom feels in her heart that my unborn siblings are 2 girls- I also feel the same way. This would make me their one and only baby brother, which feels truly incredible- now I know I have siblings and that I am actually not a only child!! It's most certainly different from having regular siblings on Earth that you physically see and have a regular sibling relationship with but I guess that is what makes my sibling relationship truly special and simply amazing! I feel in my heart that my spiritual sisters are my guardian angels and that they are the ones who guided me and strongly helped me with getting through t
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