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I fell in a pit of loneliness Couldn't escape strong sensation of powerlessness My heart was grabbed with ultimate weakness Dark traces of aberrations were visible Till she came to my rescue Was it a dream or reality? I could feel the power of my love heroine I couldn't hide my love against such masculinity Full of love and care Songs of seduction filling the air I couldn't hold back my love I couldn't use love as escapism, this was reality She embraced me with arms of love She caressed me romantic expression Kissed me with strong affection Her eye reflecting everlasting endurance Promised to fight for my happiness Showed me the love I was longing for She stood by my side I yearned for her presence each day Distance apart but words within Connecting the feminist worlds to chauvinism Making me feel secure in her arms Love for her filling my heart Calling her non other but MY LOVE HEROINE #bmz
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fell pit loneliness escape sensation powerlessness grabbed ultimate weakness dark traces aberrations visible rescue dream power hide masculinity full care songs seduction air hold escapism reality embraced caressed romantic expression kissed strong affection eye reflecting everlasting endurance promised fight happiness showed longing stood side yearned presence day distance words connecting feminist worlds chauvinism making feel secure arms filling heart calling love heroine bmz

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