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I have found myself in an unfavorable position many times in my life, only because I have challenged my disapproval of christianity as the original religion of the Africans. The good book clearly and categorically elected the Israelites as the chosen nation and I don't remember any other scripture thereof saying otherwise. Besides I find nothing wrong against the said religion, my argument is that we once had our own religion and by no means of discrediting the other in the midst of converging to the later, as a people, we found ourselves lost. To be precise we lost our identity, land, wealthy, religion, culture and dignity, this can never be good or a gain especially if the originators of such religion assumed the total control and became the favorable beneficiaries of everything of value. In return, the status quo has enslaved my people mentally and economically under an oblivious cloud that the inheritance and rewards will be credited in the after life. The pages on the new testamen
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