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I have to thank God every day for you and his gift to me Because without you I have no idea what I would do I knew it was meant to be can’t you see But you already knew our love is true If I’m ever alone at night I’m wishing to be with you I want you to know I’ll be there for you if you’re ever feeling blue I’m not like anybody you’ve ever known Ill whisper in your ear and make you feel chills down your back bone The way you bite your lips just blows me away I always want to tease you just so you’ll get irritated and kiss me And when you get ready to leave I’ll always beg you to stay I’m just so glad that you make me feel free You’re constantly going around my head And at night is when it gets real in my dreams while I’m in bed I just hope you’d feel the same So I can put us together in a frame
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god day gift idea meant knew love true wishing feeling blue ill whisper ear chills bone bite lips blows tease irritated kiss ready leave beg stay glad free constantly head night real dreams bed hope feel frame

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