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I hope the world will stop saying ''Gina DeJesus'' was playing the victim when she was abducted by Ariel Castro and tortured. I hope people will stop saying Amanda Berry should have done for herself sooner and not waited for the right time or opportunity to escape from her captor's house. And if it wasn't for Charles Ramsey giving Amanda Berry true, honest, loving unsarcastic support she, her daughter and the other ''victims'' would have never got out. Let's stop saying people are playing the victim when we don't know anything about their situation. Just because you're victorious, doesn't mean you were never a victim. It just means you're a victim who won. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world gina dejesus abducted ariel castro tortured hope sooner waited time opportunity escape captor house charles ramsey giving amanda berry true honest loving unsarcastic support daughter victims stop people playing situation victorious means victim won joshua aaron guillory

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