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I like to have my poems or quotes contracted to fit all three sites I submit them on: poemhunter, searchquotes, & ownquotes. Poemhunter lets me use what appears to be an infinite amount of characters, but searchquotes and ownquotes only allow about 500 or so! Many times there's more I want to say but am not able to fit it as one on all sites, but very rarely I'll add more on poemhunter, and most always if I do a play or movie-like script! What I wanted to add to the last poem about Lolita, is that she's supposed to change every person's air conditioner filter! And she's supposed to come into your apartment whether or not you're there and do so! And other things she's supposed to do that I do on my own, most always! I have the same air conditioner filter for about the last six months! And it's principle! It's not my job to go buy one! Everybody else gets one or is supposed to get one when the time comes for it to be changed. Just positively expressing my thoughts!- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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