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I'm in constant harmony with my truth. I teach the laws of relativity. I teach the laws of love and hate and love as hate. The searchquotes website thought they could silence me with the quotes of mine they selected to go on the front page. As always, devils do things so clever as to escape the ignorant masses. Not only did they select the ones they thought would make me sound hypocritical and liberate the religious Christians, they selected one of mine that in English linguistics or grammar would be considered a typo. But as always, they failed. There are not only other quotes of mine that in their eye had the quality to be on the front page, but they sacrificed other member's quotes that rightfully in their eye deserved to be on the front page. They tried to make me look good by making me look bad! But failed! in my eye! The eye of truth! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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constant harmony relativity teach laws love hate searchquotes website silence devils clever escape ignorant masses select thought sound hypocritical liberate religious christians selected english linguistics grammar considered typo quality sacrificed member quotes rightfully deserved front page good making bad failed eye truth joshua aaron guillory

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