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I'm waiting for you. The light is burning in my window, you know I'm waiting for you. He never goes out, you're my destiny. I know you'll come to me, the road will lead you. Star find a way home. Let it be a long day, the night is short, I'm waiting for you. The way the wind caressing the gentle, this is my breath. That sun is not hell, I will cover a cloud of it. To quench your thirst you can, I ask to shed rain. Droplets of rain, let me touch you. Cleanse rainwater fatigue and anxiety. ambulance was home to the road. Author: Zhakupova Khadisha
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light burning window destiny lead star find long day night short waiting wind caressing gentle breath sun hell cover cloud quench thirst shed droplets rain touch cleanse rainwater fatigue anxiety ambulance home road author zhakupova khadisha

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