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I profess, but you don't. You puzzle me, I get pulled into this vicious cycle, I feed it because of my vulnerability. But honestly, I would love to know why? Why continue, why make another suffer for what pleasure? It eats me up inside, not knowing, not knowing how you feel, what I'm doing so wrong for you to spoon me lies, and let me go on with so little. Are you scared I'll treat you like the last person did? I would never, I put my lover on a pedestal, make them always feel loved, because that's how it should be. I'm an sensitive individual, scared of the world and everything it contains, even myself; I can only take so much neglecting before I explode. I love you, I always will, regardless of what I'm put through, but please if this isn't mutual, don't waste time with me, it isn't worth it.
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profess puzzle pulled vicious cycle feed vulnerability honestly continue suffer pleasure eats knowing wrong spoon lies treat person lover pedestal feel loved sensitive individual scared world neglecting explode love mutual waste time worth

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