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I remember years ago, January 2013, I came up with a revelation based off my enlightening experience, which I knew and know is true! That is, a quote or reality or truth! ''Mentored and led by the rushing flame, I've entered dimensions yet for man to attain.'' I have went and discovered things far beyond the human mind that is not beyond the human mind completely! But the common thought of humans of their minds or experience or possibilities of their experience! For instance, we logicize and deduce based off so-called evidence or credibility of science organizations, like pictures or videos etc., and our own theories or mental provings or tests that the earth is spherical or something of the like! I don't deny that! I agree! However we can't totally disagree with the flat earth theory: because in some mind, consciousness, reality or dimension, imagination or realm, it is real! Relativity, belief and unity of thought and belief is the key! The key to world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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