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I saw you for the first time last week 1800 miles away. You were unknown, so was I. No interest, however just curious for one another. I look towards you and we immediate make eye contact. Your eyes were...so mesmerizing and hypnotic. It was the potion of love that convinced me. What followed was attraction and loveness and hopefulness and fulfillment and of course, enjoyment- of each others temporary accompany. What a bittersweet moment indeed, with the realization that this girl will soon fade away from my life, due to unfortunate circumstances. I kiss your soft neck, and you kiss mine. And although we never dated, the experience lasted between us is unregretful and depressingly, memorable. Now here I am, back home, with the persistent motive to forget about you. So I can move on, and not think about our short relationship. I will try to get over this feeling of loosing something I love. And work out this feeling of not getting emotionally attached.
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time week 1800 miles unknown interest curious eye contact eyes mesmerizing hypnotic potion convinced attraction loveness hopefulness fulfillment enjoyment temporary accompany bittersweet moment realization girl fade life due unfortunate circumstances soft neck kiss dated experience lasted unregretful depressingly memorable home persistent motive forget move short relationship loosing love work feeling emotionally attached

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