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I see this preteen dressing like a hoe, Look-in like she just gotten off work at the peep show What she don’t know is that her future is bleak So I’m going to let her take a peek She will lose her virginity at the age of one three By the time she is 18 she charging a fee She gets kicked out of her house for not giving some cash So she steals some liquor and makes a dash She does her work out a sketchy motel If she needed, no one could hear her yell She’s been threatened and beaten and slapped on occasion Calling the police isn’t even in the equation One day she talks back and gets a hard slap She goes straight to the corner to get something for the pain Only this time she has to put it through her vein The guy told her she can use his needle And mumbled it was probably clean She lifted up her sleeve ready to be relieved But when she shoots it up she only feels grieved I wonder if she knew this is when she conceived Guy with the medicine pulls her to him He unbuttons his jeans and hikes
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preteen dressing hoe peep show don future bleak peek lose virginity age charging fee kicked house giving cash steals liquor dash work sketchy motel needed hear yell threatened beaten slapped occasion calling police equation day talks hard slap straight corner pain time vein told needle mumbled clean lifted sleeve ready relieved shoots feels grieved knew conceived guy medicine pulls unbuttons jeans hikes

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