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I think back to all of our many experiences with great enjoyment, nostalgically scanning through the years of our life together. I look forward to the future, predicting the same venturous paths filled with both excitement and sentimental ties. The word “love” is speculative and varies in definition. The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods” while scientists and psychologists will describe releases of hormones while acknowledging associated social elements involved. For me, it has been and always will be the willingness to never yield selfless-efforts, and to grow as one in life, experiences and influencing ideal-self. Love can certainly be maddening with biology, indulgence, and social expectations associated with this surmise; but in the end, love is only proportional to both the quantity and quality of the effort you dedicate. I give you my all, as I know it will shape our future for the best, no different from our past. -EZ
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great enjoyment nostalgically scanning years predicting venturous paths filled excitement sentimental ties word speculative varies definition ancient greeks called madness gods scientists psychologists describe releases hormones acknowledging elements involved willingness yield selfless efforts grow life experiences influencing ideal maddening biology indulgence social expectations surmise love proportional quantity quality effort dedicate give shape future

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