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I think every so-called royal family/royal family member should learn & embrace the ways of their savage/so-called uncouth self! or selves! They should go to a wilderness/wild/nature-type area & learn of the ways of being one with earth! Down to earth! Camping & things of that nature! By themselves & each other! However/wherever they do it! & the same with the so-called lower class/ghetto/hillbilly/countryman/countrymen/woman should embrace the royalty of themselves in fine & delicate dress & ware! Royal, noble get-togethers! & they should each, the royal/socialite & the lower-class/proletarian, see the royalty & savagery in both the savage & royal ways! They should become a middle/balanced class in themselves! Everything is nature! & everything is royalty & savagery to some degree! & everyone both of these things! It's relative as all things are! Be you! Be true! Be nature! and or be true to your nature! That's where happiness & peace lies! and or peace lies! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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family member uncouth wilderness wild type area learn earth camping called ghetto hillbilly countryman countrymen woman embrace fine delicate dress ware noble togethers socialite proletarian savage royal ways middle balanced class royalty savagery degree relative true nature happiness peace lies joshua aaron guillory

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