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I think machines containing all the materials of life will be the solution to the sharing problem or dilemma. If a baby is playing with a toy and another baby wants it, all we have to do is clone the same toy using the material. That not only may include the material but some kind of picturesque lighting or appearance of the toy, just in case it's not the same. Somewhat of a tricking the eye of the toddler. It will be like multiple dimensions or universes. Or in some cases just have more than one of the same toy when it works. Or trigger ways to motivate the baby with the toy to give it to the other naturally and peacefully or joyfully. And vice versa. Or the intelligence of humans as well as other creatures, like animals, maybe there's a way their minds can play with the toy together even at the same time. Words, sounds, motivations, prior training, atmosphere or environment. I'll of course think of more! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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machines materials life solution sharing problem dilemma playing clone include material kind picturesque lighting appearance case tricking eye toddler multiple dimensions universes cases works trigger ways motivate baby give naturally peacefully joyfully vice versa intelligence humans creatures animals minds play toy time words sounds motivations prior training atmosphere environment joshua aaron guillory

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