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I think the people who wrote about their own GOD, were preachers,with the selfish attitude of spreading their own religion,to make themselves proud and slightly on their own God,not knowing they are doing a mistake.I say the epic stories of my own religion,Hinduism was just a total exaggeration,the mistake done by the poets.Because a poem has a lot of lies,to make it beautiful.I appreciate THE LORD JESUS CHRIST for his love and serve purpose,but not for his sacrifice.Poor creature!He did all the good but he had no luck of survival.I blame his 'GREAT QUALITY OF FORGIVENESS' because it gave even the criminals,to take this advantage of this forgiveness and keep on doing the crime creating a shame for him.{Being STRICT in a possible way of according to the person's psychology and making it easy for them,instead of punishing them is the best way to bring 'PEACE ON EARTH'} :)
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people wrote preachers selfish attitude spreading proud slightly god knowing epic stories religion hinduism total exaggeration mistake poets poem lot lies beautiful lord jesus christ love serve purpose sacrifice poor creature good luck survival blame great quality gave criminals advantage forgiveness crime creating shame strict person psychology making easy punishing bring peace earth

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