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I think the problem with many women is they're delusional. They think men are after them and they can use a man's desire for sex as power against him. Me personally I'm so zoned out in my truth that I don't have time or desire to waste on stupid games with women. Like I'm living in the god state. I'm above the vulnerability of sex. Women are more so a nuisance in my lifestyle. There's no power they have over me. In that sense of the woman. My message to women, get over yourselves - your delusion. Relative to me, your power is powerless. You will find happiness when you break the delusion. This is true caring advice. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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problem delusional men man personally zoned truth time desire waste stupid games living god state vulnerability sex nuisance lifestyle sense woman message women relative power powerless find happiness break delusion true caring advice joshua aaron guillory

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