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I think there's [a] negativity in always talking against negativity! or talking about it a lot of the times in a negative light! O how wise am I! I think we, as I've stated before & especially in my poem, ''Conquer Where You're Not Wanted: Take Over!'', should gain power over the resources & social media platforms - we who are enlightened & push for world peace! Although the main/most powerful Messiah cannot & should not be someone who believes in the eternal business of capitalism/deception, I think some people who are conscious enough of these things & themselves can use the knowledge of economics, business, the legal game to gain power over the economy & resources as we push toward the perfect state for/of world peace! As of right now, I see nobody as powerful as me on social media/in person [whom I met or seen that is] that can rightly bring the message home across the world! Who is strong intellectually & morally enough to push relentlessly for world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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negativity talking lot times negative light wise stated poem conquer wanted platforms enlightened main messiah believes eternal capitalism deception people conscious knowledge economics business legal game gain power economy resources perfect state powerful social media person met rightly bring message home strong intellectually morally push relentlessly world peace joshua aaron guillory

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