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I think this would be my last quote about my love for you. I still remember those days,when I dint even know why I started my account on this "own quotes". I just wanted fame on google search for my name.But then, I realised why I even got this ability to quote. This realization, is nothing but my showcase of love towards you.A beautiful, unforgettable arrangements of monuments of lovable and affectionate words about you. Yes,my love is true, because I know you love me before even I did. Your smile was always because of my presence.You might  have thought that I dint notice, but never did I fail to recognise your emotions,that little, cute,shy smile, your sight of hidden vision on me. I know, they were all meant only for me. Till yesterday  it was the same.But now,today after I came to know that you are in no way having an idea to propose to me, I better leave you and I wish you all the best for career which you think your reputation is more important than me. So, I miss you and good b
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remember days started account quotes wanted fame google search realised ability realization showcase beautiful unforgettable arrangements monuments lovable affectionate words true love presence thought dint notice fail recognise emotions cute shy smile sight hidden vision meant yesterday today idea propose leave career reputation important good

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