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I thought i found the right one until such time i wake up only to realize i fooled my ownself...making myself believed into something that will make me happy but at the end it only kills me inside..something i believed that could bring me too much joy and happiness only to realized that he just came to break me up,cut my heart into a million pieces,twist my life upside down and to destroy my faith and ruin my future. I never thought i will be able to forgive him,i never thought i will learn to move on and let go,and i never imagine that time will come the pain will subside.I cried a thousand times,felt devastated,lost my sanity a couple of times and choose to end up my life.However,i heard something with in me,an inner voice telling me that life isnt so bad at all,after all their is still a reason to live again, to breath,and to love. I opted to continue my life because i believed that someday i will be able to prove to him that he made a mistake of turning his back,so wrong of leaving
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wake realize fooled ownself making happy kills bring joy happiness realized break cut heart million pieces twist upside destroy faith ruin future forgive thought learn move imagine time pain subside cried thousand felt devastated lost sanity couple times choose heard voice telling isnt bad reason live breath love opted continue life believed prove mistake turning wrong leaving

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