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I try, i really do. maybe you dont see it but I feel it. i try to make everybody happy, to make my parents proud, to be a good person, but you see i do that for everybody else. But what do i do for myself? Nothing i always forget myself. I know its not good but i cannot help it. because if i did something for myself i would need a really long time and i would see things in myself that i knew but didnt want to realise. Like i make myself think i am happy, that i am not tired, that i am ok. But actually i am not. You are never gonna see any of that. You know why? When i show you i am vulnerable. I know you are gonna hurt me when i show you so i hide it. i hide it so good that even i cannot find it anymore. Its all an act for you and for me.
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feel parents proud person forget long time knew didnt realise happy tired vulnerable gonna hurt show hide good find anymore act

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