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I used to love that place, but now it's just another place where they broke me down and beat me and took another part of me. Now it's just another place where I thought I was free and at the last second they chained me down and crushed my hopes and took everything I loved away. Now it's just another place where they killed another part of me and told me I was nothing and made me hate myself and now it's just another place where the ghost of who I used to be will scream and cry and wonder who it might've been if it could've only never came. If it could've only never wandered far from who it knew it was. If it could've only realized what those wicked cruel beasts called humans could do to it. If it could've only known about those wicked cruel beasts then maybe it would still be it today.
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love broke beat thought free chained crushed hopes loved killed part told hate place ghost scream cry wandered knew realized called humans wicked cruel beasts today

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